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JBL pH Test Set – Range 6,0 – 7,6

JBL pH Test Set – Range 6,0 – 7,6
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Price: 7,39Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product : JBL pH Test Set – Range 6,0 – 7,6



The JBL pH test Set is designed for the accurate measurement and routine control of the pH value in freshwater within the relevant range of 6,0 – 7,6, and above all for the control and the adjustment of CO2 fertilization with JBL Proflora CO2 system. The compensation method developed specially by JBL allows precise and reliable results to be obtained even moderately discoloured aquarium water, e.g. caused by peat filters and disease treatment.

Why testing?

The well being of aquarium fish and the growth of aquatic vegetation depends to a large extent on a correct and consistent pH value. The pH value plays a significant controlling role in CO2 fertilization. The CO2 concentration best suited for plants and harmless to fish is re ached with a pH value around 7 to 7,2, provided that the water does not contain any other substances which might upset the pH value.
The carbonate hardness should not drop below 4° (= 70 ppm CaCO3) and not exceed 18° dH (= 320 ppm CaCO3).This means that a simple pH measurement is sufficient to check the best possible CO2 fertilization. The JBL CO2 Test Set may be used to measure the absolute CO2 content, which, with constant pH value, varies as a function of the carbonate hardness. Precise measurement may also be required if CO2 is not used for fertilizing, for instance if problems in the breeding of special species of fish are encountered. The pH Test Set 6,0 – 7,6 is also suitable in this cases.

Remedy in case of pH fluctuation:

To lower pH: CO2 fertilization with JBL Proflora CO2 system or JBL Aquacid.
To raise pH: normally not required in freshwater, otherwise with IBL Aquakal.


  • 1. Repeatedly rinse both test jars with the aquarium water to be tested.
  • 2. Use the enclosed syringe to fill each of the test jars with 5 ml of sample water.
  • 3. Add 3 drops of 6,0 – 7,6 reagent to one of the test jars and mix by agitating.
  • 4. Place both test jars into the comparator block: the jar with added reagent into the smooth end of the comparator block, the jar with untreated test water (blank sample) into the notched end of the comparator block.
  • 5. Move the comparator block together with the jars side to side over the colour chart until the colour of the sample with added reagent matches the colour of the blank sample.
  • 6. Read the pH value in the notch of the comparator.

Note: The reagents for the JBL test sets are available in convenient and reasonably priced refill packs.


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