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JBL Test Set Ca – Calcium test for seawater

JBL Test Set Ca – Calcium test for seawater
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Price: 10,59Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: JBL Test Set Ca – Calcium test for seawater


JBL Test Set Ca is an easy to use test to measure calcium content of saltwater.

Why testing?

Lower animals (corals, shellfish etc.) and calcareous algae in seawater require sufficient levels of calcium for healthy growth. The natural calcium level of the sea is 400-420 mg/. In order that the organism can make the best use of the calcium, hydrogen carbonate must also be present in the water in correct proportions. For this reason the addiction of calcium compounds without hydrogen carbonate, such as calcium chloride, is pointless. A calcium level of 420-440 mg/l fas proved to be the optimum in seawater aquariums.

Help for low levels:

Calcium levels which are too low can easily be raised with JBL CalciumMarin that contains the correct proportions of calcium and hydrogen carbonate, so that the targeted organism have the best possible access to the calcium. Calcium reactors also increase calcium levels.


Important: Always hold the dropper pointing vertically downwards when taking drops from drop bottle. Exterior surface of dropper should be dry. Avoid bubbles.

Failure to follow with these precautions may be deviations in the test results.

  • 1. Swill out measuring beaker times with the water to be tested.
  • 2. Fill the measuring beaker to the 5 ml mark with the water to be tested. Use the enclosed syringe for exact results.
  • 4. Add a small measuring spoonful of reagent 2 (narrow end of enclosed double ended spoon) and agitate until the powder has dissolved.
  • 5. Add reagent 3 one drop at a time, continuing the drops and agitate after each drop until the colour changes from pink, via violet to blue. The number of drops needed multiplied by 20 gives the calcium content in mg/l. Example: 12 drops of reagent 3 multiplied by 20 is 240 mg/l of calcium.


  • reagent 1 contains KOH (Potassium Hydroxide solution) < 20% that causes severe acid burns
  • keep out of reach of children
  • In the event of eye contact, immediately rinse with water and consult a doctor
  • Always wear suitable protective gloves and protective goggles /face protection
  • In case of accident or nausea, immediately consult a doctor, and if possible, show the instructions.



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