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Soll Aquamarin ElementPro 250ml

Soll Aquamarin ElementPro 250ml
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Price: 12,00Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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powder supplement for marine aquariums

Thanks to products for first class treatment and extraordinary feed for Söll fish, you can always have a beautiful saltwater aquarium with more healthy and viable population.

Immerse yourself at home in the charming ocean underwater worlds? What sounds like the expression of wishful thinking, can
become a reality thanks to a marine aquarium. coral reefs by the bright colors, bright anemones and exotic fish catch the observer's eyes.
No marine aquarium is the same as another: sometimes in the foreground there are the corals, sometimes invertebrates or fish. In mixed reef aquariums is the colorful diversity of the underwater world to dominate. They can also create "mini" very small seas using special nano-aquarium, where you can keep shrimps, crabs, tube worms and snails.
Who wants in the living room is a maritime atmosphere breaths, in addition to technology and corresponding equipment, it must also have specific products for water treatment and for the care of its inhabitants. Contrary to the mighty sea, these must contribute to adapt the aquarium relatively small to natural living conditions of its guests.

With Aquamarin line, Söll has developed a modern line of care and maintenance, allowing you to create almost natural and constant conditions in a marine aquarium. High quality ingredients and scientifi cally proven formulations produce appropriate conditions for the species that inhabit marine aquariums.

Aquamarin ElementPro:

• Rich in macro and micro-elements important
• It supports the metabolic processes
• To maintain the health of marine organisms

metabolic and growth processes affi degradable in aquariums require nutrients and trace elements in a quick way. As
most vital substances are not stored in reserves, the aquarium may have undesirable deficiency symptoms.

Aquamarin ElementPro compensates for these shortcomings and provides the important marine species macronutrients and micronutrients such as, for example, cobalt, copper, iodine, potassium, lithium and magnesium, in a balanced relationship. The bioelementi content are present in natural sea water and can be quickly absorbed by marine organisms.
Aquamarin ElementPro promotes metabolic processes and thus contributes to the wellbeing of flora and fauna.


5ml per 100 liters (1 of the dispenser spray administers approx 2.5ml)

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