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ATI LED Sirius X8

ATI LED Sirius X8
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Price: 1.785,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: By request

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Product: ATI LED Sirius X8


Sirius X8
Power Consumption:  580watts max
Cluster LEDs: 8

Full control of light in 24 hours
Effects sunset, passing clouds and moonlight
Full control of colors and versatile
Each cluster has four LED colors independent and adjustable from 0 to 100%
Cooling fans to avoid overheating ballast and cluster

The LED cluster understand the following colors:

(W) White Full Spectrum
(B) Blue
(RB) Royal Blue
(R) Red

Quality materials:
Excellent quality contruttiva
The ceiling is assembled with quality materials and modern production techniques
Plug and Play:
And 'possible to manage the ceiling through the integrated controller or by connecting it to a PC via the adapter and software (included)
Intuitive software that makes it easy to adjust the ceiling
Including the suspension kit
The ceiling light LED ATI Sirius X is designed to acquoriofili who have the passion to keep any type of coral in the aquarium.
The clusters are formed from the best LED products in LED technology to emit a light of quality and efficiency.

The reflectors are coated with silver clusters to have a high reflective ratio and have outstanding performance.
The design of the individual components allows easy replacement in case of future updates.

High-quality components, shell silver thin and lightweight, durable and rust. Made in Germany with German-engineered to maintain a standard "Made in Germany".

All components packed hardware and LED drivers are integrated into the structure with a single external element, the power cord.
The ATI LED Sirius X through the desing and performance will show the real beauty of a reef aquarium.

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ATI LED Sirius X8 
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