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Sicce XStream

Sicce XStream
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Available Options
Sicce XStream 3500Sicce XStream 3500
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
59,00Euro [TaxInc]
Sicce XStream 5000Sicce XStream 5000
Not available
Not Available
77,90Euro [TaxInc]
Sicce XStream 6500Sicce XStream 6500
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
96,79Euro [TaxInc]
Sicce XStream 8000Sicce XStream 8000
Not available
Not Available
113,00Euro [TaxInc]
Sicce XStream-eSicce XStream - e
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
165,01Euro [TaxInc]

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4 models into a single compact design and small size to facilitate taking up very little space inside the aquarium for the sake of nature.

XStream 3500l / h - 4 Watt
XStream 5000l / h - 6 Watt
XStream 6500l / h - 8 Watt
XStream 8000l / h - 12 Watt

Very simple in the outer parts of the new pumps movement XStream contain within them advanced technology by merging many details in one design:

- Innovative Solutions
- Noise guaranteed
- Use of high quality materials certified


- Bushings phono absorbent to minimize the noise level making it imperceptible when the pump is in use;
- Size XS in pumps of high performance motion ranging from 3500l / ha 8000l / h: only 7 cm of space in the aquarium;
- Low power consumption;
- Magnetic mount with power guaranteed up to 20mm thick glass;
- Flow directional wave up to 90 °;
- Adjust flow to create wave effects very natural and suitable for all types of reef aquarium;
- Easy placement of pumps XS in any part of the aquarium thanks to the rotating magnetic attack;
- Rotor lubricated and self-cleaning system to ensure a longer life of the product with less maintenance;
- Bushings ceramic top quality used in micro-technologies, system noise control pumps and long lasting consistent performance;
- Cable protective silicone to reduce vibration and for additional protection;
- Quick and easy maintenance.

- Warranty 3 + 2 years

Dimensions: mm53x70x62
XStream 3500:

capacity: 3500 L / h
consumption: 3.5W
for saltwater aquariums up to 250L
for aquariums up to 400L sweets

XStream 5000:

capacity: 5500 L / h
consumption: 5.5W
for saltwater aquariums up to 350L
for aquariums up to 500L sweets

XStream 6500:

capacity: 6500 L / h
consumption: 8.5W
for saltwater aquariums up to 450L
for aquariums up to 750L sweets

XStream 8500:

capacity: 8000 L / h
consumption: 13W
for saltwater aquariums up to 550L
for aquariums up to 900L sweets

SICCE GREEN TECHNOLOGY: In addition to style, simplicity and elegance our Partners choose SICCE for its sustainability, they placed first in the list of new greener products through energy efficiency and the reduction of wastes arising from the production, packaging and waste electrical materials.

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