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Sicce HyperSalt 4kg

Sicce HyperSalt 4kg
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Price: 25,01Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Sicce HyperSalt 4kg


HyperSalt is a synthetic salt obtained by mixing pure elements for the preparation of water chemically and biologically optimal for the 'care and breeding of all types of marine organisms: fish, corals, SPS, LPS and soft corals.

Its formulation has been studied to obtain a 'sea water with characteristics as similar as possible to the natural reef.

It does not contain phosphates and nitrates. E 'enriched with trace elements and other bio-elements readily available for a' rapid assimilation by marine organisms.

Its ocmposizione allows a dissolution quick getting a 'crystal clear water and no precipitates or residues.


HyperSalt dissolve gradually in water, in a ratio of 1 kg of salt per 30 liters of 'water.

To ensure a good solution is consgiliato a strong movement of 'water. Measured with a hydrometer or refractometer until you get the desired value.

Aerate for a few hours before the 'use.

For best results, use osmosis water. Conversely l 'use of water taken directly from the' aqueduct could lead to a presence of precipitates and unwanted substances such as nitrates, phosphates, heavy metals, chlorine, etc..


to keep the 'aquarium in optimum condition, we recommend that you replace the 15-20% d' water monthly.

4kg treats up to 120 liters

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