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Shrimplab Tonic Powder 30gr

Shrimplab Tonic Powder 30gr
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Best Product 
Price: 11,80Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Limited Quantity

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Shrimp Lab is a brand born of the experience of one of the largest and most important European distributors of Caridina.
Sharnbrook Shrimp is indeed one of the most renowned in the field of 'breeding and sale of Caridina Neocaridina, winner in 2013 of the prize Reader's Pool as a seller of shrimp' year.

It is a complete line for shrimp of all species and age practices contained in the original packaging and aluminum freshness.

SHRIMPLAB® Tonic with Betaglucan and Immunoglobulin enhances and strengthens the shrimps immune
system to help fight off bacterial infections and other pathogens. Tonic contains essential vitamins and
minerals that help stimulate the shrimps digestive tract for a healthier and more active shrimp. Tonic
should be used a preventative measure to boost the shrimps immune system and overall health.
All ingredients are 100% natural.

Ingredients: Betaglucan, Immunoglobulin, Polysugar, Vitamins, Minerals.
1 flat scoop for 100 shrimp twice a week.
Net contents: 30g nett
Storage: Cool, dry place, keep away from children.



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Shrimplab Tonic Powder 30gr 
is in the Categories:

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