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Shrimplab Balls 3pz

Shrimplab Balls 3pz
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Price: 11,80Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Not Available

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Shrimp Lab is a brand born of the experience of one of the largest and most important European distributors of Caridina.
Sharnbrook Shrimp is indeed one of the most renowned in the field of 'breeding and sale of Caridina Neocaridina, winner in 2013 of the prize Reader's Pool as a seller of shrimp' year.

It is a complete line for shrimp of all species and age practices contained in the original packaging and aluminum freshness.

SHRIMPLAB® Balls. These balls are made up of a special combination of essential
minerals. They help remove toxic substances such as Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia and
Ammonium. A highly porous structure encourages thorough bacteria colonisation.
A thriving surface bio film will encourage the shrimp to graze on the balls. They do
not alter the PH or hardness of the water.

Ingredients: Essential Minerals, Trace Elements.
Dosage: Minimum of 1 Ball per 10L (You cannot overdose) Replace after 9-12 months.
Contents: 3 Balls = Approx. 200g.
Storage: Cool, dry place, keep away from children (Choking Hazard).


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