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Sera Pompe Serie FP

Sera Pompe Serie FP
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Available Options
Sera FP 100Sera FP 100
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
9,50Euro [TaxInc]
Sera FP 1000Sera FP 1000
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
31,90Euro [TaxInc]
Sera FP 150Sera FP 150
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
13,51Euro [TaxInc]
Sera FP 1500Sera FP 1500
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
36,20Euro [TaxInc]
Sera FP 2000Sera FP 2000
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
47,49Euro [TaxInc]
Sera FP 350Sera FP 350
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
14,40Euro [TaxInc]
Sera FP 750Sera FP 750
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
20,00Euro [TaxInc]

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Pumps regolabirli immersion

The evening submersible pumps FP are distinguished by their compact and robust, for the very low energy consumption and for their regulation. May be used as filter pumps, such as pumps and power handling, and are available in 7 models with different capacities. You can find the pump with the right capacity for all aquariums - from nano-aquarium to the marine tanks. The fixing must be made by means of the suction cups provided.

The evening submersible pumps FP 100 and FP 150 are among the smaller pumps for aquariums and are particularly suitable for nano-aquariums. Can be applied in freshwater aquariums from 10 up to ca. 50 liters and, thanks to their very small size, less than 5 cm, go well for almost all types of internal filters.

The evening submersible pumps FP 350 - FP 2000 are particularly suitable as pumps for internal filters in aquariums and as feed pumps for water systems. The compact design allows the positioning of the pump in internal filters. They are equipped with axis ceramic steel and are therefore also suitable for operation in seawater.

The high capacity of the pumps FP creates constant conditions in the aquarium, and thus contributes to the stabilization of the biological system.

Incl. Power cable 1.8 m

Technical data: 220 - 240 V ~ 50 Hz, TÜV, GS, CE
   consumption max max head diameter nozzle tmax
FP 100 1.5 W 120 l / h 0.3 m 8 mm 35 ° C
FP 150 2.5 W 150 l / h 0.6 m 11 mm 35 ° C
FP 350 W 6 350 l / h 0.8 m 13 mm 35 ° C
FP 750 W 12 750 l / h 1.5 m 13 mm 35 ° C
FP 1000 16 W 1000 l / h 1.8 m 15 mm 35 ° C
FP 1500 25 W 1500 l / h 2.5 m 20 mm 35 ° C
FP 2000 43 W 2000 l / h 3 m 20 mm 35 ° C

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