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Sera discus blue 100 ml

Sera discus blue 100 ml
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Price: 4,20Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Sera discus blue 100 ml



Afternoon and evening discus color Red and color Blue granular feed is of high quality, you should add to the already proven Premium Discus Granulat night, extending the family of feed dedicated evening of fine food Discus.
Their special composition was especially designed to meet the needs of all Discus yellow / red (sera discus color Red) as well as the green / blue (sera discus color Blue).
The granules of the evening and night discus discus color Red color Blue is composed of more than 40 different ingredients carefully selected and have the peculiarity to sink slowly in water and become soft and disintegrate quickly without limit as to the minimum pollution ' water in the aquarium.
Tailored to the respective color variations of fish, both feed optimally promote the intensive training and development of natural bright colors that characterize the Discus.
But the evening did not think only of the beauty and intensity of colors, but also to the complete welfare of your Discus: afternoon and evening discus discus color Red color Blue is absolutely free of artificial colors and are rich in minerals and trace elements, essential to ensure healthy growth and prevent deficiency symptoms.
The multivitamin complex supplemented with vitamin C, stabilized, provides for the strengthening of the immune system of fish and therefore the prevention of diseases of valuable visitors of your aquarium.

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Constant quality for natural foods and healthy.
The seal to the feed quality even better.

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