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Sera Fil Bioactive 250

Sera Fil Bioactive 250
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Price: 73,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Sera Fil Bioactive 250



Permanently crystal clear and biologically clean water with the new sera fil bioactive filter system.

  • immediately ready for use and biologically active

  • easy to start

  • easy to clean

  • low energy consumption

  • quiet operation

  • long life time

  • quick breakdown of ammonium and nitrite


With its innovative filter medium sera siporax, this filter provides 34 times as much filter performance than with common ceramic filter material.

  1. Multi-function valve

    • Hose connection
    • Rotatable water intake and outlet
    • Multi-purpose handle for water flow regulation and quick water shutoff
  2. Filter power head

    • Pump and cable
    • Intake suction pump for an easy and convenient start
    • Clip locks
  3. Filter mat and filter sponge for mechanical filtration

  4. Filter media basket

    • Separately removable
    • Retractable handles for easy removal and cleaning
  5. sera siporax filter medium for biological filtration

  6. Filter case with

    • rubber feet for a safe stand and acoustic insulation
    • locks
  7. Outlet tube

  8. Tube connector

  9. 90 ° angle piece

  10. Spray bar

  11. Stopper

  12. Water outlet (can be used instead of the spray bar)

  13. Intake tube

  14. Intake strainer

  15. suction cup holders

  16. 2 hoses, 150 cm each

  17. sera filter biostart with enzymes and purification bacteria for immediate biological pollutant breakdown

  18. 580 g sera siporax filter medium

    • 1 Liter (290 g) with 34 times as much filter performance compared to common ceramic filter material

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