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Seachem Flourite Sand 3,5kg

Seachem Flourite Sand 3,5kg
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Price: 19,80Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Not Available

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Seachem Flourite Sand is a special porous clay gravel for the fractional stable 'natural aquarium with plants. The 'look is best suited for planted tanks but you can also use it in any other type of hot cake.

Flourite Sand is most effective when used alone as an integral substrate bed, but can also be mixed with other types of gravel.

You do not need modifiers such as laterite gravel.

Sand Flourite is not chemically treated and will not alter the pH of 'water.

To determine the number of bags needed for your aquarium, please note that each bag (3.5kg) occupies a volume of 2125 cm3. To determine the desired volume, multiply the width of the tank to the length and depth desired.

since Flourite Sand is a natural product, although pre-washed, it can become dusty in transit, thus making it necessary to rinse before the 'use to remove residual dust.

when water is added to the 'aquarium, fill it slowly so as not to disturb the bed fi Flourite Sand. Put in a pan 'aquarium and add the' water directly into the tank, allowing to 'water overflow dolcementesul gravel bed.

Slight initial cloudiness is normal; to remove, use a mechanical filter (filter floss filter) with the 'help of a clarifier to speed up the process.

The new format of 3.5kg allows you to rinse the flourite directly in your bag; simply tear off the bottom of the bag, open the box and Lavara the Flourite directly to the 'inner envelope

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Seachem Flourite Sand 3,5kg 
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