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Salifert Profi Nitrite NO2 Test - 60 measurements

Salifert Profi Nitrite NO2 Test - 60 measurements
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Price: 5,72Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Salifert Profi Nitrite NO2 Test - 60 measurements


Nitrites are toxic to fish and invertebrates
Many people have the mistaken belief that once a pool has finished the cycle suoo boot (after 3 or 4 weeks) the risk of nitrite exceeded. Many tests for nitrates suffer interference with amine 8naturalemnte present in amino acids, the result is too low a measurement of the concentration of nitrite.

Nitrites are converted into nitrates by the natural cycle of life in the aquarium. The nitrates thus formed are converted into harmless nitrogen through denitrification. This happens in areas devoid of oxygen between the live rocks. Before being transformed into nitrate nitrogen is first converted into nitrites. When for some reason this cycle can not be completed nitrites can be present in significant amounts and detected by a test that does not suffer from interference with the amine.

The Salifert test for nitrates is not subject to these interferences due to the special components used. These same components give a color change to the water to be tested quickly and on, to detect even small amounts of nitrites. E'probabilmente test for nitrites faster and more accurate on the market.

How to test:

The water temperature should be tested at above 18°, otherwise the color will not be able to vary in 60 seconds. If the water temperature is lower than the value indicated on the container of the text should be left at room temperature 10 minutes before performing the test.

  • Put a syringe with 1.0 ml of water to be tested in the container of the test.
  • Add a level scoop of powder NO2. Gently stir the contents of the container of the test for 20 seconds. Let stand for 60 seconds.
  • Place the container of the test on a white part of the color chart ee compare the colors. Read the percentage of nitrite detected. A color between two shades of color corresponds to a concentration of nitrite intermediate. Nitrite values are given in mg / L. If you prefer the concentration Nitrite - Nitrogen, the results observed must be multiplied by 0.3.

Increased sensitivity:

  1. Pick up the container of the test in front of you and look at it sideways. Place the back of the container color chart.
  2. Sure that the industry is behind the white liquid.
  3. The results should be divided by 10.



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