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Salifert Marine Energy Plus 250ml

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Price: 11,20Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Not Available

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Product: Salifert Marine Energy Plus 250ml

Analysis (based on dry weight): Protein 65%; Lipids 15.5%; Inorganics 12%;Glucans / Polysaccharides 7.5%; Moisture max 7.5%;Omega-3 HUFA 30mg/g; DHA / EPA >2; Vit. A 30000 IU/kg; Vit. C 2000 mg/kg; Vit. D3 2500 IU/kg; Vit. E 400mg/kg; Antioxidants: Ethoxyquine BHA/BHT.



Energy Plus does not pollute the water and is an unsurpassed granular food for marine fish (just compare the ingredient list with other brands and you will be surprised).
Virtually all marine fish from approx. 1 up to 5 inches will be attracted to it.
It contains approx. 200 times more protein than good quality frozen food. The same is true for the essential Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acids (HUFA) and vitamins. The proteins are highly digestible and are of marine origin only. So no proteins of pigs, cows or other terrestrial animals are included.
Your fish will feel healthier and will look much better because of the advanced formula which also includes natural immuno-stimulants and anti-stress nutrients to increase the resistance against diseases. Also, included are natural pigments such as astaxathin and carotenes of high color enhancement and dietary fiber for a properly functioning digestive system.


Moisten the required amount of food by mixing it with aquarium water in a small cup for just one or two seconds. This ensures that the granules will sink. The first two times use just a little food so that your fish gets used to the new "smell" and appearance.

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