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Saki-Hikari Turtle Floating M 45gr

Saki-Hikari Turtle Floating M 45gr
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Price: 9,19Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Not Available

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Product: Hikari Turtle Floating M 45gr



Food enriched with Hikari Germ that improves the digestibility , efficiency
digestion and reduces the odor problem

• Formula guaranteed ODOR STOP . Ingredients result of biotechnology research , including some species of special herbs help to reduce the smell , increase the efficiency and digestibility of feed and also ensuring less waste and less odor of the terrarium .
• The exclusive media probiotic intestinal flora of Hikari Germ remain active even in the feces contributing to the decomposition in a decisive manner .
• Water and ecosystem terrarium cleaner thanks to quality ingredients , more digestible and Hikari Germ, proactive digestive phase , pollution dell'ecositema terrarium is reduced by over 50% with less filter maintenance and fewer water changes .
• Hikari Turtle contains a bioavailable source of calcium that supports the development of the outer shell of the turtle , while the added vitamin D3 enhances calcium absorption itself.


fish and fish derivatives, cereals , baked goods , plants, yeasts, derivatives of vegetable origin , sugar , auks , fats and oils, minerals.


44% crude protein , crude oils and fats 6 % , crude fiber 1.7% , crude ash 12.6% , 1.2% phosphorus

Mode d ' use :

Administer once a day an amount that is consumed in just a few minutes away from the turtles. Saki - Hikari TURTLE is most effective without interruption in the daily diet , without administration or irregular combination with other foods that do not allow Hikari Germ ™ to provide its maximum benefit .

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