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Ruwal skimmer Internal double pump RW130/400/S

Ruwal skimmer Internal double pump RW130/400/S
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Price: 186,00Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Product: Ruwal skimmer Internal double pump RW130/400/S


Filter body diameter: 130 mm

Double room (internal diameter 60 mm)
The adoption of dual chamber (D) helps eliminate the inconvenience of a return of air bubbles in the tank.
In case of power failure, also allows the pump air production PPA to remain always full of water and allowed back regularly, even if positioned above the water level of the sump.

Completely removable
Skimmers RW can be removed in their entirety for a periodic cleaning radical connections pass through the silicone tube of which are provided.

Foam glass collection tube conical
The special cone shape of the tube which conveys the foam in the glass collection (A) facilitates the ascent of the foam.

Telescopic adjustment of the domestic level.
RW skimmers are fitted with a special fitting (T) positioned on the exhaust pipe. Thanks to this connection, the exhaust pipe becomes telescopic and allows you to adjust the internal level of approximately 40 mm skimmer simply lifting the group of discharge (Q). Is then totally eliminated the inconvenience of a change in the level of internal skimmer than calibration, where a change in the level of the sump (e.g. due to evaporation is not compensated automatically), since the discharge occurs in every way always overflow.
With the group of exhaust Q down completely, the internal level is positioned normally at L, which corresponds to a type of skimming dry. Raising his group can raise the discharge Q is internally (e.g. L1, L2 etc..., up to a maximum of 40 mm).
Then you can also calibrate the type of foaming desired, more or less dense or liquid (more level raised internally by the glass, the foam will be more liquid).
Thus it is not necessary to intervene on the extent of the recirculation pump to calibrate the internal level.
This system also eliminates the danger of filling the glass of water if restarting the skimmer after a power failure, a situation particularly dangerous if the power failure occurs during prolonged absences.

Pumps air production with ceramic shaft and bushing
The pumps used in RIO plus RW skimmers are equipped with ceramic shaft and rotors with ceramic bushings, which eliminate entirely the inconvenience of excessive wear caused by the action of the rotor spindle ceramic abrasive when in direct contact with the plastic of the rotor (out of roundness of the head of the spindle). This problem usually cause abnormal rotation of the rotor, even at the expense of low noise of the pump. If the ovality is marked, can cause the restart of the pump in case of breakdown or a power failure.

Connecting the air tube to the lid of the glass (silencer).
Thanks to this device, removed the noise caused by the intake air venturi into, because the glass acts as a silencer foam collection.

Recirculation pump with valve adjustment range.
RW skimmers are thus equipped with circulating pump, fitted with a valve adjustment, which allows you to possibly reduce the flow of water through the skimmer, thus increasing the contact time between air and water and thereby increasing the intensity of skimming .

Body height
Total height
For aquariums up to
Pump air production
Recirculation pump
35 cm
53 cm
200-300 liters**
RIO1400 - 1450 l/h
RIO200 - 500 l/h *
40 cm
58 cm
300-400 liters**
RIO 1700 - 2430 l/h
RIO400 - 550 l/h *
50 cm
68 cm
400-500 liters**
RIO 2500 - 2970 l/h
RIO600 - 760 l/h *

* With flow regulating tap
** The first figure refers to aquariums densely populated, the second at an average populated aquariums.

A foam glass collection
B cap closure
C Ring tube holder
D Double internal
E Entered water recirculation
F Venturi 
G air intake hose
H Delivery Pump
I Dry foam
L1 semi-liquid foam
L2 foamed liquid
M Curve directional
O O-ring
PC Pump Recirculation
PPA pump air production
Q Group Exhaust 
A tap recirculation setting
S Vent
T Telescopic fitting 
V minimum water level

Can subjet to change

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