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Ruwal Membrane Aquapro 50 GPD

Ruwal Membrane Aquapro 50 GPD
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Product: Osmotic Membrane Dow Filmtex* - 50 GPD




Technical information model TW30 - 1812-75 gpd:

  • Width 44.5 mm
  • Length 298.0 mm
  • Lph capacity 12+/-20% *
  • Rejected 98%

* The rejection and the permeate production (flow) are calculated taking into account the following operating conditions: 250 ppm TDS incoming water, temperature 25 ° C, pressure 3.4 bar food. 


Warnings and precautions:

Do not use the water produced after introduction of the new membrane. Throwing the first 30 liters of water to remove traces of the organism in which the membrane is preserved.
Do not use the water produced from the membrane for drinking or food without having been mineralized in order to bring dissolved salts to the right level.
The membranes have a limited resistance to contact with chlorine (hypochlorite). Continuous exposure caused irreversible damage.
It is recommended to change the prefilters osmosis plant at least every 6 months to ensure the efficiency and lifetime of the membrane for several years. Furthermore it is recommended that the backwash monthly to prevent mineral fouling and have the utmost efficiency.

The level of reverse osmosis filtration 

This image from a graphic representation of the level of filtration systems, reverse osmosis, referring to the diameter of a human hair.



The reverse osmosis systems repel the greatest amount of contaminants than other systems of domestic sewage, producing the purest spring water.

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