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Ruwal Filter for nitrates RWNO3/130/500

Ruwal Filter for nitrates RWNO3/130/500
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Price: 94,50Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Product: Ruwal Filter for nitrates RWNO3/130/500


The biological filtration in marine aquaria is indispensable for the oxidation of highly toxic substances such as ammonia and nitrites.
This valuable process of oxidation, however, inevitably leads to an accumulation of nitrate at high concentrations, can be equally dangerous.
So there is the problem, not an easy solution to eliminate the nitrates accumulated.

In fact, while the oxidation of ammonia into nitrates and nitrites to nitrates occurs by aerobic bacteria (Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter) that live in environments rich in oxygen, the conversion of nitrates into non-toxic compounds (denitrification) can only happen through the action of anaerobic heterotrophic bacteria, which can survive only in environments devoid of oxygen.

The most difficult to obtain an effective denitrification is thus to create an environment devoid of oxygen, which allows the anaerobic bacteria, on the other occurring naturally in the aquarium, to survive and to focus in the colonies.
RW denitrification filters allow you to make them anaerobic zone, in a simple and natural.

In fact, the special material on the top of the filter is able to completely eliminate the oxygen in the water flowing through it, so the bottom of the filter is formed spontaneously anaerobic zone, suitable to host the bacteria capable of eliminating the Nitrates.
Essential condition for the smooth running of denitrification filters RW has a very slow flow (drip) of water through the fltro.

RW denitrification filters do not require the addition of nutrient solutions for anaerobic bacteria, which regulates itself quantitatively in a colony almost automatic.
Triggering of the filter is normally comes 4-6 weeks.

Follow after the initiation of the filter, it is recommended to periodically check the content of nitrate out of the filter: if there are results indicating the presence of nitrates in output, the resins must be replaced.
Filters denitration RW are equipped with a recirculating pump and a regulating tap out for the flow drop by drop.

Denitrification filters RW can be used both within the trickling filters or collection basins, both externally and are available to them in later.

Models: RWNO3/130/400 - 130 mm - total height 52 cm - for aquariums up to 600 liters



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