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Royal Nature Test NO3

Royal Nature Test NO3
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Price: 14,65Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Test NO3 Seawater


This test allows to measure in a simple and precise the level of nitrite in seawater.

The activity of biological filtration can be divided into two processes: mineralization and nitrification. The by-product of the process of mineralization and ammonia, the next step leads to oxidation (nitrification) of ammonia and ammonium into nitrite (NO2). Nitrates represent the final stage of the nitrification process. Many invertebrates, unlike fish, do not tolerate high concentrations of nitrates. 'So important, especially in the marine aquarium, keep tabs on their level, intervening when necessary with adequate water changes.

In the marine aquarium, one should not exceed 20 mg / l. that become 10 mg / l in reef aquaria.

With the test Royal Nature NO2 you will keep in check the value of nitrites in your tank


The clear and simple instructions will guide you to take the test in a few quick steps.


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