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Rowa Crystal Liquid Bioconditioner

Rowa Crystal Liquid Bioconditioner
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Available Options
Rowa Crystal 5000mlRowa Crystal 5000ml
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
99,00Euro [TaxInc]
Below Cost   
Rowa Crystal 500mlRowa Crystal 500ml
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
13,90Euro [TaxInc]

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Available Sizes: 500ml

Rowa Crystal is a water conditioner that clarifies the 'water and helps to lower phosphates, nitrogen compounds and heavy metals

ROWAcrystal bioactivator is a liquid that enhances and stabilizes the water quality also making it transparent and crystalline. The special composition ensures safe use, fast and effective.

     contains no chemicals, bacterial, or other organic additives
     metabolizes unwanted bacteria
     adsorb heavy metals (eg, copper, lead)
     adsorbs medicinal substances, dyes and other harmful organic substances
     reduces phosphates, does not alter the pH value
     reduces the growth of algae
     encourages the natural elimination of nitrogen compounds (nitrification)
     intensifies the colors of the corals
     eliminating substances that provocanoingiallimento and turbidity makes the water crystal clear
     stimulating the biological activity of the fund, improves plant growth
     activating the bacterial flora, anticipates the inclusion of fish and invertebrates

100 ml treats 200 liters of water. Active for two weeks. If used regularly, it may be sufficient to halve the dose, while the first job should be to double it. The active substances are deposited on the bottom of the bottle, then shake well before use and pour the product immediately. No need to turn off the UV lamp or the skimmer during the application of the product. ROWAcrystal has immediate action and reacts with the harmful substances in the aquarium. After a few hours the water is crystal clear. An overdose is harmless.

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