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Rowa Bac M 250ml

Rowa Bac M 250ml
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Price: 19,80Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: ROWA® bac MN-4 - 250 ml 


Magnesium pro Additive for the Calcium reactor for the increase of the ROWA® bac MN-4 was specially developed for improving the microflora in sea water aquaria.
Start-up stages are shortened with new installations and biological equilibrium is stabilised. Using ROWA® bac MN-4 instead of inocula from other aquaria avoids the risk of introducing diseases and unwanted micro-organisms.
Nitrification processes which would otherwise proceed only slowly and to an initially insufficient extent can be observed immediately after utilisation of ROWA® bac MN-4.


  •  reduces ammonium, ammonia, nitrate and nitrite.- contains exclusively salt-tolerant nitrifies.
  • promotes the formation of a stable nitrifier population.
  • aids in the prevention of dangerous concentrations of ammonium/ammonia through regular dosage.
  • compensates for impairments of biological equilibrium following filter cleaning, water replacement and medicational treatments.
  • the micro-organisms are harmless to fish, invertebrates and plants.


Please add the following dosages to the conditioned sea water with new installations:
20 ml to 100 l sea water simultaneously with the placement of live stones, afterwards 10 ml to 100 l sea water weekly.
After filter cleaning, water replacement or medicational treatment: 10 ml to 100 l sea water.


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