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Ricordea Farm
Ricordea Farm
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Ricordea Coral Farm Salt

Ricordea Coral Farm Salt
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Available Options
Ricordea Coral Farm Salt 25kgRicordea Coral Farm Salt 25kg
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
94,50Euro [TaxInc]
Best Product   
Ricordea Coral Farm Salt 6kgRicordea Coral Farm Salt 6kg
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
32,50Euro [TaxInc]
Best Product   

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This Premium Sea Salt contains more than 70 trace elements and water-soluble vitamins. Manufactured from the purest pharmaceutical raw materials and perfectly balanced to suit the most modern reef aquarium. With this sea water, you are able to nurture even the most sensitive aquatic animals in a balanced and near-natural environment.

Extensive tests in coral breeding systems and aquariums for sale/public aquariums have confirmed that the corals show healthy growth and splendid colors. We recommend changing 10 - 15% of the water at least twice a month.
Free of nitrate and phosphate.
Quick and residue-free dissolution in water.
With regular use, Premium Sea Salt supports a permanent improvement of the biological balance in your aquarium.

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