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Resun - Thermostat external TS 600

Resun - Thermostat external TS 600
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Price: 15,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Resun - Thermostat external TS 600

Technical Data:

  • Range control 20 ° C to 34 ° C
  • Sensitivity: + / - 1 ° C
  • Maximum load: 500W
  • Voltage: 230V / 50Hz


TS00 is an external thermostat, which shall drive an electrical resistance likely to maintain the temperature of water (fresh or marine) or air (terrariums) to the values set. Apparatus particularly suitable for large aquariums, internal decorative ponds water or terrariums.

Warnings: This is an electrical appliance, keep away from children. Do not alter the plug or tamper with the unit since you may lost the warranty and may compromise the electrical safety.

Safety Standards: This thermostat is in conformity with security officers.
1) Check that the tension stated on the label conforms to your voltage.
2) Check the condition and the power cord before the link.
3) It is recommended that the apparatus. being electric, is protected mountain with a switch differential IDN less than or equal to 30 mA. 4) The unit is external. You should not work in a damp location. Topics moisture.
5) Follow the instructions on the leaflet contained in the box.
6) It is mandatory earthing of your electrical system to operate on "security" of the unit. Verify that the household electrical system is also accompanied by general breaker switch ''saving''.

- Do not connect the plug if wet accidentally from
- The power cord MUST NOT BE IN VOLTAGE when you plug into power.
- Do not extract from the resistance when it is in operation and much less touch it with your fingers.
- Do not put your hands in water before they have disconnected Ia plug.



1) Select the desired temperature acting on the knob "TEMPERATURES Accountant"
2) When the “LED POWER CONTROL” indicate that the apparatus is energized and “LED HEATING INDICATOR”, if turned on, indicates that resistance or cable heating are in operation.
3) Before introducing plants and animals:
A) Make sure the temperature of the aquarium is that set them with a thermometer placed in the aquarium. The same for the ternary.
B) Remove the outlet first to introduce the hands into the aquarium or terrarium.

4) If you fish large size or character aggressive you should protect the probe with decorations type roots or rocks, but leaving free movement of water around the probe itself.
5) Do not put the probe into the gravel.
6) Do not put resistance in the gravel.
7) If the apparatus connected to a cable warming, protect the latter with a surface insulation from the substrate of terrarium that animals, digging, do not burn or break the cable with nails. This is strictly recommended because the heat provided by cable may cause combustion of materials used in the background (for example bark, cork, etc..) And the breaking of the cable itself by sending short-circuit the apparatus.

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