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ATI Purple plus T5 54w - New Generation

ATI Purple plus T5 54w - New Generation
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Price: 16,20Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: ATI Purple plus T5 54w - New Generation


In addition to our proven "Aqua-blue Special " which is used as the basis tube, we now expand the complementary light tube model of the well known "Blue-Plus" with two new, light-colors models. Due to extensive requests, we proudly re-introduce the ATI-ATINIC for the toning of the flourescent pigments.

Fundamentally, we differentiate the light colors for the marine aquaria between:

  • BASIS lamps, which are used for the main lighting;
  • COMPLEMENTARY lamps, which permit a mixing of color variations.

The COMPLEMENTARY tubes, such as our "Blue plus", ATI Actinic and Purple plus, should be applied in accordance with the type of the cultivated corals and animals in the aquarium, and should be more or less mixed together , but never to exceed the number of the Blue tubes installed. So, with these complementary tubes, you have the possibility to vary the colors in your aquarium, and thereby , to react accordingly to the types of corals you have cultivated (i.e. flourescent or, placative colors).

In contrast to our existing "Blue-Plus", which creates an intensive blue light ( max. by 450 nm) , the ATI Actinic produces a violet-blue light (max. by 421 nm ) which is less brighter, but which emphasizes the flourescent pigments in the corals.
However, in many corals ( in addition to the florescent ), the non-flourescent or plactive pigments are responsible for the colorful appearance. Therefore, with our all-new "Pro-color" model tube, many of these pigments (Pocilloprin) are complemented with their respective colors.

This new "Purple plus" is characterized especially by its deep red color sections (max by 660nm wave lenght) , which are responsible for the lush, red color. Thereby, "Purple plus" represents an optimum addition to many of the other light tubes on the market for the illumination of aquariums.

Here are two examples:

1. An aquarium with many flourescent corals ( e.g. crusts, SPS , LPS...) will profit optically via the mixing of extra tubes such as the Blue plus or the Actinic . The increased blue apportionment allows the flourescent pigments to be brought out more clearly and dramatically, and leads to an improved, overall optical impression.

2. For an aquarium with many colorful Stone corals, with the majority having placative ( non-flourescent) pigments, we recommend that fewer blue tubes or ATI Actinic tubes be mixed-in and that it is better to install our Purple plus tubes for color support. However, because of the strong opticlal effect of our Purple plus model, we recommend a mixing proportion of 1 : 4 .

Take care that the Purple plus tubes are not used on the edges of the light-tube holders, but rather in the central part under the other tubes.
Not only the Stone corals ( Pink Hysterix, red Styloporo, Poccilopors....) but also many fish types will profit from the Purple plus optical reflections.. For example, the wonderful Anthias will appear more color intensive then ever.

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