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JBL ProScape P Macroelements 250ml

JBL ProScape P Macroelements 250ml
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Price: 6,39Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Normally aquarists are pleased if Their nitrate and JBL ProScape Fe + microcells, Which contains all of the Necessary trace elements in a finely balanced formulation, is ideally suited for the basic supply of microcells.
The Macroelements can easily be supplied by using JBL ProScape NPK Macroelements or by adding each of the individual components, nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and magnesium, separately. If the latter procedure is selected, it is recommended to check the water values with the JBL Test
Sets each time.

ProScape P Macroelements:

Phosphorus in the form of phosphates carries out functions critical to all life processes. Phosphates become part of the whole energy metabolism and the formation of the genetic information of all organismi.In aquariums with high populations of fish phosphates are often in excess and can cause algae growth. Instead, in planted aquaria, these consume phosphates. The resulting low presence of phosphate in turn limits the growth of plants. JBL ProScape P Macroelements makes aquarium water phosphorus in the form of water-soluble phosphates. Aquatic plants receive well phosphate necessary. In addition, the water is enriched in potassium.

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JBL ProScape P Macroelements 250ml 
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