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Programmable Timer with Digital Display Daily / Weekly Schuko 3500watt Max Load (Made in Germany)

Programmable Timer with Digital Display Daily / Weekly Schuko 3500watt Max Load (Made in Germany)
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Price: 14,70Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Programmable Timer with Digital Display Daily / Weekly Schuko 3500watt Max Load (Made in Germany)



We will now turn on and turn off all electrical components of the aquarium - will not be a problem. This practice taken with a digital timer allows you to turn on and off automatically in the hour and days of week in view, any device with a maximum power of 3500 watts. It has 10 operating programs to be used for one or more days of the week with step adjustment of 1 minute. It has "RANDOM" that turns on and off at random equipment (lamps, radio, etc. ..) simulating our presence even when we're home.


  • LCD
  • Format time: 12/24 hours
  • Description Key:
  • Week, Hour, Minute: Keyboard setup day of the week, hours and minutes.
  • RST / RCL: cancellation entered data / programming.
  • Clock: key setup day of week, hours and minutes.
  • Timer: key setup days, hours and minutes of the timer (in combination with the keys WEEK, HOUR or MINUTE), 12/24h mode (in combination with the CLOCK button).
  • ON / AUTO / OFF: key mode of operation.
  • Random: button to set or clear random function.
  • Masterclasses: reset button (deleting all the settings).
  • 10 programs for one or more days of the week.
  • On / Off.
  • Input voltage: 230 Vac / 50 Hz
  • Maximum power load: 3500 Watt / 16 A
  • Dimensions: 125 x 60 x 75 mm
  • Weight: 169 g



 Digital week time switch with countdown and random function and automatic summertime / winter time changeover.

Fig. 1:  002594 and 007772594 for use indoors

             002595 for use in protected outdoor areas


Not for use by children! Do not put a damaged unit into operation! Do not connect any units that must be supervised (e.g. hot-air fans)! Do not connect several time switches in series!


The built-in battery maintains the settings for up to 100 hours when the unit is not connected to the mains. After longer mains disconnection:

Fig. 2: Charge the battery, then press the RESET button with a paper clip and re-programme the clock.


Basic setting:

Fig. 3a:  Select summertime (S) or winter time

Fig. 3b:  Select 12-h display (PM/AM) or 24-h display

             (3s = Press the button for 3 seconds)

Setting the time:

Press the "SET" button until the time segment flashes.

Fig. 3c: Set day of the week

Fig. 3d: Set hour

Fig 3e: Set minute

Fig 3f:  End


Switching programme 1 (switch-on time):

Fig. 4a: Call up setting mode.

Fig. 4b: Select day of the week or combination.

Fig. 4c: Set switch-on hour.

Fig. 4d: Set switch-on minute

Switching programme 1 (switch-off time):

Fig. 4a: Set as shown in Figs. 4a to 4d.

Switching programmes 2 to 20

Set as shown in 4a to 4d.

Countdown function (switch-on / switch-off time)

dON: Switch on the switched-off clock, dOFF vice versa.

Fig. 4f: Set as shown in Figs. 4a to 4e.

Fig. 4g: End


Fig. 5: Leave consumers switched on!



Fig. 6a: ON Consumers always on
AUTO Time switch controller
OFF Consumers always off

Countdown function

Fig. 6b: Press C.D button to start / end.

Random function

The consumer is switched on / off on the random principle.

Fig. 6c: Press the RND button to start / end.



Fig. 7: Push RESET with a thin non-conducting object.











-  20 day/ week programmes with            -Minimum switching interval: 1 min.

   140 switch-on / switch-off times            -Switching capacity: max. 2000 W

-  Automatic and manual switching          (inductive: max. 460 VA)

-  Countdown and random function           -Power supply: 230 V/8,7 N50 Hz

-  12 / 24-hour display

-  Childproof socket

-  Power reserve: 100 hours                      Environmental protection: Return old

-  Built-in rechargeable battery for            electronic devices to a separate collection

   saving the settigs                                     point, do not dispose of them with the domestic refuse.


This REV article is tested several times (during production using the latest technology.

In case a defect should occur, REV is liable in the below mentioned scope.

1.    The period of warranty is 24 months starting from the date of purchase.

2.    The device will be repaired free of charge or-exchanged, once there is a proof that the defect has occured during the transport or is due to the material and under the condition that this incident has occured within the warranty period.

3.    The liability is excluded for tansport damages as well as damages due to inproper installation.

4.    In case that there is no objection from the customers side during this peri-od, the warranty expires.

5.    In case of damage the device has to be send in together with the receipt as well as a short description of the kind of damage.

Without a valid warranty the repair will only be done against payment. We reserve the right to change technical details


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