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JBL Proflora CO2 vario reactor - CO2 high-diffusion reactor

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Price: 9,38Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: JBL Proflora CO2 vario reactor - CO2 high-diffusion reactor 


  • Module system allows extensions for large aquariums.
  • 100 cm diffusion length for CO2 in aquariums up to 350 l. No separate bubble counter and pump required.
  • Coloring reduces growth of algae inside the diffusor.
  • Can be completely dismantled, making it easy to clean (JBL PowerClean).
  • For aquariums over 20 cm high.
  • Collecting cap prevents CO2 loss.
  • Collecting cap has connection to filter diffuser.  

CO2-vario consists of grey coloured makrolon which helps to prevent algae growth inside the bubble path. If required, clean the unit under clean running tap water. If cleaning is necessary, simply dismantle the unit by pulling the modular sections apart. After cleaning, simply re-assemble the unit. The modular sections have latchings which must be seated correctly to make an uninterrupted bubble pathFirst rinse the entire unit thoroughly in warm tap water. Do not use cleaning agents!

Install CO2 vario upright at a point in the aquarium with moderate water movement, with the top edge of the unit immersed at least 2 cm below the surface of the water.

Link connecting hose to CO2 fitting and first allow only a few bubbles to flow through the unit.  

When using the unit for the first time, the bubbles will rise slowly up from the bottom to the top through the spiral bubble path. The unit requires a running-in time of approx. 48 hours. The biological film forming after that allows the bubbles to rise unobstructed. On their way to the top the bubbles grow smaller, indicating that the CO2 diffuses into the surrounding water. Once they reach the top, the bubbles pass into the collecting cap where any remaining CO2 residues are diffused completely.

Note: After a certain time the collecting cap will fill with gas which will occasionally escape upwards through the ventilation slots on the side. This gas is not CO2 , but what is known as false gas which is found in small quantities in the actual CO2 bottle and which also diffuses into the bubbles as they rise through the surrounding water. Clean the CO2 vario as rarely as possible. It is therefore advisable to attach the unit at a fairly dark and unlit point in the aquarium with adequate water movement.

To guarantee optimum diffusion, make sure that the slots between the modular sections are not blocked by plant segments or decorative objects.



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