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Prodac Test Ca

Prodac Test Ca
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Price: 10,87Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Limited Quantity

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Product: Prodac Test Ca


1. Rinse the water sample test tube several times with the water to be tested and then fill with sample water to the 5 ml mark.

2. Add 8 drops of reagent n. 1 gently swirl to mix.

3. Add a very small amount of test reagent n. 2, just the tip of the spatula, the solutions turns a pink-violet colour.

4. Add one drop at time of reagent n. 3 and gently swirl to mix the solution after every drop. COUNT the number of drops until the solution turns from a pink-violet color to light blue.

5. Once the solution has turnet light blue leave it to stand for 30 seconds. If the colour disappears, add more drops of reagent n. 3 until the solution remains this light blue colour.

6. To calculate the quantity of Calcium in mg/i contained in the water multiply the number of drops of reagent n. 3 utilized to turn the solution a light blue colour by 20.

CAUTION: it is of utmost importance that the drops of reagent n, 3 are regular in size, if scarce or excessive it is recommended to repeat the test. Thoroughly clean the test tube after use, securely seal all reagent containers and store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Keep the product out of reach of children.


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