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Preis Coral Energizer 60gr

Preis Coral Energizer 60gr
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Price: 12,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Preis Coral Energizer 60gr


General information:

Coral Energizer is a high-quality food mix which is particularly suitable for Ricordea anemones, Corallimorpharia and Zoanthids as well as soft corals (Alcyonacea) and leather corals (Sarcophyton sp.).
Coral Energizer contains a high-quality mixture of nutrients and minerals, various marine algae, bio-polymers, proteinogenic amino acids such as arginine, glycine, leucine, niacin, riboflavin, omega-3 fatty acids and Cyclop-Eeze with at least 3000 ppm Astaxanthene, vital minerals and anhydrous trace elements.

The use of bio-polymers in high-quality food in an appropriate particle size constitutes optimal nutrition for both good and delicate feeders in a reef aquarium, reflected in both growth and colour development.

Cyclop-Eeze activates the macrophages of the anemones and corals. The amino acids protect the coral mucus (tentacles, polyps) while reproducing it.
There is a marked improvement in the intensity of the colours after regular feeding. Minerals and trace elements promote steady growth. Coral Energizer is an anemone and coral food for the highest demands and excellent results.


If there is a strong current, Coral Energizer can be added to the aquarium immediately in front of the pump.

Variant 1:
Prepare a paste with salt water and 1 measuring spoon of Coral Energizer; feed certain corals directly or pour the pasty liquid slowly into the aquarium.

Variant 2 (recommended):
1-2 times a week, stir 1 teaspoonful of Preis-Microplan together with Coral Energizer and salt water to form a solution and add this directly to the aquarium.


In a busy 400 litre coral aquarium, add one measuring spoon of Coral Energizer 3 times a week.
Please store Coral Energizer in a dark, dry place!
Excessive doses can cause temporary clouding of the aquarium water.

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