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Ati Powercone 250iS DC Electronic - for aquariums up to 1000/2000 Liters

Ati Powercone 250iS DC Electronic - for aquariums up to 1000/2000 Liters
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Price: 535,01Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: By request

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Product: Ati Powercone 250i Electronic - for aquariums up to 1000/2000 Liters


The ATI PowerCone Skimmer combines several new innovations to produce a skimmer with unsurpassed efficiency and exceptional performance. At the core of the design is the innovative Grid-wheel impeller that combines the stable performance of a needle-wheel with the superior performance of a thread/mesh-wheel impeller.
This Grid-wheel impeller combined with an improved air injection nozzle to increase air intake and an optimised pump housing
to improve water flow produces a skimmer with unmatched performance. The ATI PowerCone is the perfect merger of modern advances in skimmer technologies and affordable pricing making it a truly unbeatable value.

Unmatched Performance: The high-volume of air flow combined with the Grid-wheel impeller to chop it all up produces an incredible amount of tiny, waste removing bubbles resulting in an extremely dense and uniform water-air mixture. And the design of the skimmer body allows these bubbles to remain in contact with the water for a long period of time resulting in a skimmer that easily outperforms much larger skimmers. The significantly higher surface area of the Grid-wheel impeller easily outperforms  traditional needle-wheel impellers.
Stable Performance: Grid-wheel impeller produces consistent, long-term performance as it won’t break apart and wear out like thread/mesh-wheel impellers.

Energy Efficient:

Easy To Use: Built-in water-level adjustment valve allows for easy and precise fine-tuning of the skimmers performance. The
base of the skimmer can be adjusted to change the position of the water outlet and many parts of the skimmer can be easily taken apart for cleaning.

Quiet Operation: Produces minimal noise due to innovative pump and skimmer body design and built-in air silencer.

Excellent Build-Quality: Constructed of high-quality materials and assembled using modern production techniques.

Technical Details

  • Tank size: 1000-2000l
  • Overall size incl. Pumpe: 460*255*550 mm
  • High for removing cup: 560mm
  • Max. waterlevel in sump: ~22cm
  • Power consumption: 30-35W
  • Air power: 2700-3000 lph
  • Wateroutlet: tournable 360 degree
  • Intallation: Intern/Sump
  •  250-500 Gallons
  • 10.0″ x 18.1″ x 21.7″


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