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The Piranha - Author Marie-Sophie Germain

The Piranha - Author Marie-Sophie Germain
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Price: 12,00Euro [TaxExc]
Availability: Limited Quantity

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The Piranha - Author Marie-Sophie Germain


Contrary to popular thought, and despite their "bad reputation" it is possible to live at home even in the aquarium fish like the piranha. There is, in fact, only the Red-bellied piranha, the piranha made famous by horror movies, but many other species such as those belonging to the family Serrasalmidae, who are vegetarians.

And 'necessary, however, know their behavior and their habits, choose suitable pieces and have an aquarium set up and decorate with special precautions. This guide was created precisely to provide all information necessary to raise this kind of fish, illustrating the anatomy and physiology, gives advice with regard to their diet, reproduction, prevention and cure of diseases.

You will discover the true nature of the "red-bellied piranha," to know the "Silver Dollar" and "eating oysters" and remain amazed at the "red-eyed pirambeda"

Charming and attractive, with different shapes and liveries, the piranha tank knows donate to house a very unique.

Publisher: De Vecchi Editore
Author: Marie-Sophie Germain
Pages: 96 with color photos
Format: 17x24 Softcover
Language: Italian

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