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OceanLife Phos Zero 1000ml

OceanLife Phos Zero 1000ml
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Price: 46,63Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Not Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Product: OceanLife Phos Zero 1000ml


Zero Phosphate is a resin based on iron able to remove the water large quantities of phosphates and silicates . Why animals thrive , it is important to keep the phosphate levels below 0.1 mg / l ( ppm) in fresh water and 0.02 mg / L (ppm) in sea water.

Zero Phosphate capture phosphates and silicates , and as beneficial side effect , simultaneously releasing OH-ions in water . These ions have the property of neutralizing the excess acids and stabilize the pH .
To obtain the maximum performance , place a sufficient amount of resin within a filter . Do not immerse in water without the resin before putting her into the filter.
This resin , unlike the other , does not require a fluidized bed filter to function properly. It will be enough to pass through a filter slow.
Wash briefly in pure fresh water before use. The resin wash can not release dust in the water.
Once exhausted , does not release chemicals .



50ml 100ml per 100 liters or 100 liters depending on the levels of phosphates and silicates. To be replaced once sold out. 1000 ml are sufficient to treat 2000 liters of salt water or 4000 liters of fresh water.
It can be used in conjunction with Oceanlife Carbon Life

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