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Newa Kanist Esternal Filter

Newa Kanist Esternal Filter
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Available Options
Newa Kanist Esternal Filter NKF 250Newa Kanist Esternal Filter NKF 250
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
86,14Euro [TaxInc]
Newa Kanist Esternal Filter NKF 350Newa Kanist Esternal Filter NKF 350
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
103,38Euro [TaxInc]
Newa Kanist Esternal Filter NKF 450Newa Kanist Esternal Filter NKF 450
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
127,22Euro [TaxInc]
Newa Kanist Esternal Filter NKF 700Newa Kanist Esternal Filter NKF 700
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
143,14Euro [TaxInc]

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The canister filter pressurized NEWA Kanist ensures the maintenance of a healthy aquatic environment, thanks to an effective
and powerful filtering system, rich media specifically created to ensure the ultimate in mechanical filtration, chemical and biological. Unparalleled ease of use and convenience for maintenance. With many technical, filter NEWA Kanist provides unparalleled qualities of safety from water leakage, while ensuring an extremely quiet operation. The high quality and the peculiarities inherent in each of these filter materials, allow you to customize the filtering of the external filter NEWA Kanist to effectively solve all filtration problems, preserving the excellent quality of your aquarium.







Structure of individual models:

1) stop valve with taps IN-OUT

2) Device to pressure for triggering filter

3) Motor head

4) Grid cover baskets

5) Baskets for filter materials

6) Lana for mechanical filtration

7) high capacity activated carbon adsorbent for chemical filtration

8) Sponge porosity end

9) Razor porous for biological filtration

10) Sponge coarse porosity

11) levers for opening / closing

12) Filter body


Fittings included in the package:








Technical specifications:

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