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Newa Delice Ternal Granules

Newa Delice Ternal Granules
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Available Options
Newa Delice Ternal Granules 100mlNewa Delice Ternal Granules 100ml
Not available
Not Available
2,63Euro [TaxInc]
Newa Delice Ternal Granules 250mlNewa Delice Ternal Granules 250ml
Not available
Not Available
4,53Euro [TaxInc]

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NEWA Delice Ternal Granules is a balanced blend specifically designed to accommodate the brilliance of the colors.

Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega 3) and a complete vitamin mix including stabilized Vitamin C, provides a complete nutrient supply to grow marine fish healthy and vital.

Administer the feed several times a day in such quantities as to be consumed in a few minutes. In the first dose is recommended to use low dose and fractionated in most daily meals.

And products derived from cereals - Fish, other marine animals, their products and derivatives - high quality dried yeast nutrients - Other plants, their products and derivatives - and derivative products obtained from the processing of sugar beet - Other seeds and fruits, their products and derivatives - products and derived from tubers and roots (descending order according to the proportion in the mixture).
Analytical constituents and additives:

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