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Newa Delice Ternal Flakes

Newa Delice Ternal Flakes
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Available Options
Newa Delice Ternal Flakes 100mlNewa Delice Ternal Flakes 100ml
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
2,06Euro [TaxInc]
Newa Delice Ternal Flakes 250mlNewa Delice Ternal Flakes 250ml
Not available
Not Available
3,86Euro [TaxInc]

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NEWA Delice Ternal Flakes is a mixture prepared with raw materials of high quality and enriched with vitamin mix and polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3) can promote the metabolism of the fish and strengthen the immune system.


The high presence of Artemia, guarantees an optimal protein intake and at the same time, an important dietary supplement for a balanced diet.

Administer the feed several times a day in such quantities as to be consumed in a few minutes. In the first dose is recommended to use low dose and fractionated in most daily meals.


And products derived from cereals - Fish, other marine animals, their products and derivatives - high quality dried yeast nutrients - Other plants, their products and derivatives - and derivative products obtained from the processing of sugar beet - Other seeds and fruits, their products and derivatives - products and derived from tubers and roots (descending order according to the proportion in the mixture).
Analytical constituents and additives:

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