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Newa Cobra 75 - internal filter with surface skimmer

Newa Cobra 75 - internal filter with surface skimmer
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Price: 14,19Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Newa Cobra 75 - internal filter with surface skimmer


AquariumSystem Filter COBRA 75 is a multi-function internal filter with double filtration for aquariums and turtle tanks up to 75 liters. E 'equipped with a double filtering action: mechanical and biological.

The filter fields are quite distinct, so that during the operation, maintenance and cleaning, the organic sector will always remain vital and active. The water is clear and free from unpleasant odors also thanks to the interchangeable cartridges of activated carbon and zeolite. The flow rate is adjustable and is incorporated an exclusive ventilation device that ensures a perfect water oxygenation. Versatile and powerful, it is the ideal solution for small and medium sized aquariums and turtle tanks.


Two separate and distinct sectors filter, mechanical and biological.
Distribution and smooth flow of water in the filter media.
Maintenance and cleaning limited to only mechanical filter.
Biological filter perfectly intact and active.
Water flow adjustable suitable for every user needs.
Output to total rotation with the possibility of attack for tubes
High efficiency and versatility.
Venting system: maximum water oxygenation.
Additional cartridges of activated carbon and zeolite to always have clean water, free from unpleasant odors and colors.
Small footprint and ease of placement.
Exclusive skimmer system that collects dirt remove suspended guaranteeing maximum cleaning of the surface of the water.


     Pump: Flow adjustable from 100 to 250 l / h
     height 15 cm
     skimmer with width 9 cm
     width without skimmer 6,5cm
     depth 3.5cm

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Newa Cobra 75 - internal filter with surface skimmer 
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