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JBL NanoBel - Staple food flakes for small fish in nano aquariums

JBL NanoBel - Staple food flakes for small fish in nano aquariums
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Price: 2,30Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: JBL NanoBel - Staple food flakes for small fish in nano aquariums



  • Wholesome food for “mini fish species“ in mini-flake form.
  • 7 different types of flakes guarantee variety and meet the nutritional needs of the species.
  • Over 50 processed raw ingredients guarantee healthy fish with superb colouring.
  • Precisely balanced phosphate content for healthy fish growth and reduced algae growth.
  • With stabilised Vitamin C. 


Specially developed for very small aquariums, the Nano range by JBL meets the specific needs of nano aquariums and provides professional care to meet the particular needs of the inhabitants of the aquarium.

Although in principle mini-aquariums are subject to the same laws of biology as their bigger brothers, the care of very small aquariums requires special attention. Due to the small volume of water, imbalances can very quickly arise, which can be avoided by the specially adapted care products and food range from the JBL Nano series.


Professional nutrition of ominivorous mini fish in nano aquariums

JBL NanoBel is a carefully produced mixture of essential mini-flakes with a high nutrient content. Some of the flakes sink slowly whilst the remainder float on the surface of the water for a while. This enables mini fish from all water zones to feed according to the needs of the species. The balanced combination of essential ingredients such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as vital minerals and vitamins ensures healthy growth and increased resistance to disease. Due to the mouth-shaped size of the soft mini flakes, JBL NanoBel is highly accepted by all mini fish.


Ingredients: Fish, cereals, shrimps, vegetable protein extract, squid, vegetables (incl. 1 % garlic), vegetable by-products, yeast, algae, spices, lecithin, vitamin premix.

Recommended feeding:

One measuring spoonful of food once or twice a day for 10 - 15 mini fish.


Analysis: Crude protein: 45 %; Crude fat: 8,3 %; Fibre: 1,9 %; Ash / Minerals: 8,1 %

Vitamins (per 1000 g): A: 25000 i.U.; D3: 2000 i.U.; E: 330 mg; C(stabil): 400 mg; Inosit: 750 mg

Staple food – with EU colour additives - with E306 antioxidant (natural vitamin E extracts)

Nano tips from JBL:

For a safe and successful biological start for your nano aquarium, we recommend JBL NanoStart starter bacteria to ensure problem-free decomposition of pollutants from the beginning.

As waste material and plant growth inhibitors can quickly become more concentrated in the small volume of water in a nano aquarium, we recommend changing approx. 50% of the water every week. Fresh mains water should always be conditioned by the addition of JBL NanoBiotopol, in order to eliminate the danger of any toxic copper and chlorine, to which mini fish are extremely sensitive.


Cod: 2317100


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