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Mosura Shi Zen 30gr

Mosura Shi Zen 30gr
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Price: 30,99Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Mosura Shi Zen 30gr



Shizhen meaning Nature in Japanese.

Mosura Shizhen Power is the powdered form of the popular Shizhen water conditioner. It is specially developed with the users in mind as it is lighter to ship, treats more water and therefore more savings can be passed on.

Mosura Shizhen Power is made from natural ingredients which contain humic acdic, fulvic acid and multivitamins. Shizhen Power treats aggressive tap water to free it from contaminants proven to be devastating to crustaceans like shrimps and crayfish. It recreates an environment as found in nature.

Mosura Shizhen Power:
- Removes hazardous chlorine and breaks down chloramines without producing sulfonated toxic byproducts which are harmful to some sensitive aquatic species - Locks heavy metals like copper into an inactive state - Contains materials which simulate water from lakes, rivers and creeks - Protects crustaceans from stress - Uses multivitamins to combat vitamins deficiency - Boosts the immune system of aquatic species - Absorbs toxins and contaminants, much like properties of activated carbon - Contains over 70 minerals and compounds

- For tap water, use 1 scoop flat for 10 litres of water.
- For pure/distilled/RO/DI water, use 1 scoop flat for 20 litres of water.M

A bottle of Shizhen Power treats 2000 to 4000 litres of water. Any undissolved material is safe and normal.


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