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Mosura ME 250ml

Mosura ME 250ml
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Price: 23,18Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Mosura ME 250ml


Mosura is a range of Japanese products specifically designed to meet every need of fans of shrimp.

All products are thoroughly tested and Mosura to ensure its ' effectiveness on a large number of shrimp species , whose life cycle is carefully followed and analyzed prior to market the products of the test objects .

The product line Mosura is the result of years of experience.

Mosura ME contains a rich concentration of ionic species and trace elements that help to create a rich and balanced ecological chain . You can use ME along with any other product is in breeding , both to help stablizzare water conditions in an aquarium with problems of deaths of Caridina .

- Provides a variety of plankton as food for shrimp and young adults , creating a complete food chain
- Improves the immune system, the growth rate and survival rate of shrimp
- Restores the micro elements of soil and water .
- Enriched water reverse osmosis (RO) with microminerals .
- Promotes the growth of aquatic plants and microalgae .
- Promotes the healthy growth of microorganisms


250ml treat about 2,000 liters of ' water
1 capful ( 5ml ) treat about 40 liters of ' water
add during the change d ' water based on the amount of new water
not overdosing

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