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Milwaukee EC59 Tester Conducibility/TDS/Temp

Milwaukee EC59 Tester Conducibility/TDS/Temp
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Price: 56,89Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Not Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Product: Milwaukee EC59 Tester Conducibility/TDS/Temp


What's the conductivity?

It represents the electric current amount who water can lead. Dipping two electrodes in water, connecting to the positive pole and the other to the pole negative of a battery, the current amount that passes essentially depends from the ionic molecule amount presents who can " transport" from a pole to other. More Ionian they are present more high is the conductivity value. The conductivity is expressed with the unit of microSiemens measure. The largeness is correlated to the hardness of the water but the much precisest one; breeders professionals and fans of species determine the difficult it in order to simplify and to guarantee the riproductiv  process.

C 65 is tester to watertight estate for the measure of the conductivity to scale a lowland, from 0 to 1999 microSiemens/cm. The instrument is apt for measurements in soft water and is equipped of automatic compensation of the temperature and manual calibration on a point.

C 65 is equipped of sostituibile probe and is supplied in a practical sheath with solution of calibration and screwdriver.

Batteries 3x 1,5 V are included and assure approximately 250 hours of continuous use.

Dimensions: 165 x 30 x 30 mm
Weight  80 g.



0 to 1999 micro/siemens


1 micro/siemens


+/- 2 full scale


handbook in 1 point

Comp. Temp.

automatic from 0 to 50°C  

Conditions of use

0 to 50 °C


3 x 1,5 V (included)

Duration of the battery

appr. 250 hours of continuous use


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