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Ada 102 – 414- P4 - Lily Pipe Outflow – Handmade glass Filtration Tubes

Ada 102 – 414- P4 - Lily Pipe Outflow – Handmade glass Filtration Tubes
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Price: 95,00Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Product: Ada 102 – 414- P4 - Lily Pipe Outflow – Handmade glass Filtration Tubes


102-412 / P-2
102-414 / P-4
102-416 / P-6


Moderate water circulation evenly within the aquarium is essential to maintain the water quality and prevent algae appearance. However excessively strong out flow of the power filter works negatively, hindering healthy growth of aquatic plants. Lily Pipe Outflow is hydrodynamically designed to create an moderate circulation of water within the aquarium ideal for the growth of aquatic plants. Sliding Lily Pipe Outflow above the waterline allows it to also serve as an aerator which eliminates oily surface film.

Elegant all-glass, handmade in a design does not ruin the appearance of a planted aquarium. The outflow pipe is hydrodynamically designed to prevent the accumulation of oily surface film, while it effectively circulates water. Sliding the outflow pipe above the waterline, allows it do double as an aerator.


Cleaning is needed when algae begins to accumulate on the LILY PIPE.

  • 1. Make a solution with SUPERGE and submerge the LILY PIPE for 30 minutes to a few hours.
  • 2. Wash the glass with tap water until the slime and odor disappears. Optional GLASS WASHER brush helps cleaning.
  • 3. The SUPERGE solution is harmful to fish and plants. Please be sure to thoroughly wash away any residue before replacing in the aquarium. Wash your hands thoroughly after the maintenance.



Before the installation of this product, make sure to read this instruction manual carefully and understand all of its directions. Please keep this instruction manual it and refer back to it when needed.
ADA glassware is made from high quality glass. Diligently following the instruction manual is essential to the long term use of this product.

  • Do not drop, shock or subject to sudden pressure. Be particularly careful when setting up removing for cleaning and when pulling off the suction cups or silicon tubes.
  • If the product is damaged, do not touch directly. This may be cause injury.
  • Do not subject to sudden temperate changes, such as placing in hot water for cleaning.
  • Keep out of the children



  • Before the installation, be sure that LILY PIPE corresponds with the diameter of the filter pipe to be connected. Do not attempt to connect a LILY PIPE that is not compatible with the size of your filter pipe.
  • If a tube is tighly connected and difficult to disconnect from LILY PIPE, push LILY PIPE a little deeper to the connected tube to loosen and then gently disconnect.
  • Gently disconnect suction cups from LILY PIPE first, before removing LILY PIPE from the aquarium.






example of applicable aquarium

flow amount






< 600 l





80×40×40, 100x40x40

600 l / -800 l






> 800 l

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