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LAC JM 283 - Lighting System HQI 3x150w

LAC JM 283 - Lighting System HQI 3x150w
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LAC JM 283A - Lighting System HQI 3x150wLAC JM 283A - Lighting System HQI 3x150w
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Immediately Available
320,01Euro [TaxInc]
140,00Euro [TaxInc]
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Ceiling lamp with metal halide lamps for marine aquariums and reef


Lighting system for aquariums open sea; equipped with a system of suspension mounting

Treated with corrosion resistant materials, the light of a lamp equipped with a central 150w HQI 14,000 ° K with Rx7s other two lamps HQI 150w Rx7s 20000 ° k

The shell is made of aluminum silver.

Model A:

there is only one power cord can be switched on individually with each of the three lamps with three dedicated switches.


Model B:

the two side lamps from 20000 ° k have a separate power supply from that which regulates the 'ignition switch' central HQI from 14000 ° K in such a way that they can connect to 2 timer distini to increase the possibility of lighting configuration and consumption.

Technical specifications:


     length 120cm
     width 25cm
     height 8cm
     aluminum body
     220-240V 50Hz

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