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Kent Marine
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Kent Marine Super Iodine Supplement 237 ml

Kent Marine Super Iodine Supplement 237 ml
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Price: 8,70Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Kent Marine Super Iodine Supplement 237 ml



The SUPER Iodine supplement provides iodine bio - available to the inhabitants of the reef.
Although the mixture of salt, iodine is consumed quickly in the aquarium and is easily removed by skimmers, the ozonization and filtering.
Kent SUPER provides iodine iodine needed for proper development and health of invertebrates and algae.
Contains a reserve, in a stabilized form of iodine that does not destroy the bacteria filter, as some similar products.
It contains no organic forms of iodine which can pollute the system.
The supplement of iodine SUPER KENT do is help tried!

Dosage: Add 1 teaspoon per 50 190 l every week or 8 drops each day.

Considerations for use:

  1. Use a good synthetic sea salt, some salts are made from evaporated seawater and contain dead plankton and other organic products that pollute the water heavy from the start.
  2. Uses the exalted Superbuffer-dKH and keep the alkalinity at about 10 dKH (do not have to go under 8 or over 12, this will provide a stable pH and will not cause significant precipitation of the minerals essential, such as calcium and strontium. 3) Use Kent Kalkwasser mix, the calcium liquid concentrate, or Turbo-Calcium to provide the calcium.Use Strontium and Molybdenum or Turbo-Strontium.
  3. The Coral-Vite-Vite of Kent will provide rubidium, lithium, barium and other important minerals as well as essential vitamins to the reef.
  4. The Coral-Vite-Vite, the essential elements and Super Iodine are intended for use together.
  5. Uses osmosis water for changes and for refilling.
  6. Use of out-Iodine to achieve adequate levels of iodine, to replace the one that will be used by fish and algae and will be removed by schimazione, ozone and filtration.

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Kent Marine Super Iodine Supplement 237 ml 
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