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Kent Marine Reef Carbon 450gr

Kent Marine Reef Carbon 450gr
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Price: 15,46Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Kent Marine Reef Carbon 450gr


Reef Carbon removes organic pollutants, dyes and toxic gases formed in marine and freshwater aquariums. Contains activated charcoal finely pelletised of bituminous coal.
The size of the pores is 20 to 2000 angstrom, suitable for the removal of large organic molecules. Excellent activated with molasses and iodine. Amount of ash contains less than 2% which makes it suitable for sensitive species such as discus and most marine fishes' delicate.
It does not release phosphate and promotes the development of undesirable algae, suitable for reef aquaria! Built for optimal water flow, not intaserà easily as granular activated carbon or crumpled.


Coal Kent is dusty. This is a characteristic of the finest carbons and is a small price to pay, because that's a really active coal, low in phosphorus and ash. Be sure to rinse well in cold tap water before use. 

Aquarius: put it in the biological filter under the towel, and make sure that the water passes through it and there around.

Important: You can use like any other coal, but the best results are obtained using coal for only 3 days per month. (because otherwise also remove useful substances such as trace elements.) Considerations for use: Kent Carbon is also soft (this is due to a trick of construction of the pores) and could download the powder when mixed rapidly in the aquarium in the filter.

Do not place it where the water will fall with great force directly to prevent this release dust. As coal Kent is so active, you can use much less product than with other carbons (about 1 plug for 350 liters capacity of the aquarium, you may need more or less dirty as you want to delete).

Warning: The products recently introduced by other brands that contain strong enzymes may dissolve the binder that holds together the coal Kent, if this happens the carbon can come apart and cause havoc in your aquarium. Because of this, do not use the product  enzyme with the carbon Kent.

Simply remove the coal, use the product, then put the carbon several days after using the products with enzymes.


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Kent Marine Reef Carbon 450gr 
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