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Red Sea Iodine Pro Test Refill

Red Sea Iodine Pro Test Refill
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Price: 28,69Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Not Available

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Product:  Red Sea Iodine Pro Test Kit - 50 Tests


General Information:

In the ocean Iodine takes a wide variety of forms, both organic and inorganic. The two predominant forms are iodate (IO3-) and iodide (I-). Together these two forms of iodine usually add up to about 0.06 ppm of total Iodine.
Iodine is therefore a minor element in seawater but has an important biological function in many marine fauna and flora, especially photosynthetic organisms including macro-algae, anemones and soft corals.
Iodine appears to be essential for the long term maintenance and growth of soft corals and gorgonians and is thought to have important effect on coral colours through the zooxanthella pigments. It also has a major role in preventing bleaching by detoxifying oxygen radicals produced during photosynthesis.
Due to its strong oxidative characteristic, Iodine levels in excess of 0.08ppm can cause serious harm to beneficial bacteria and severe irritation and damage to the delicate soft tissues of corals.

The concentration of Iodine in a heavy stocked reef tank with soft corals and macro algae, should be maintained between 0.05-0.07 ppm and never exceed 0.08 ppm

Iodine should be tested on regular basis before replenishing with an iodine supplement.
By using Red Sea’s Iodine Test Kit, supplementing Iodine is more effective, less wasteful and most important, safe!


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