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Hydor Hydrocable - Heading cable for aquariums and terrariums 100 Watt

Hydor Hydrocable - Heading cable for aquariums and terrariums 100 Watt
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Price: 37,00Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Not Available

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Product: Hydor Hydrokable - Heading cable for aquariums and terrariums 100 Watt


Hydrokable is a heating cable especially built for aquariums and terrariums. In order 10 exploit its features, we recommend it’s use connected to a Hydroset thermostat.
Do not connect the heating cable directly to the electrical supply.
Do not use refractory (fire-proof) material to cover the healing cable.


Attention: To prevent electrical shock always disconnect all electrical equipment from electrical supply before putting your hands in the tank. II the plug or the electrical supply are wet, disconnect the fuse or Circuit breaker that supplies power to the appliance. Make sure that the voltage of the electrical supply corresponds to the voltage shown on the label of the appliance. Before installing Hydrokable clean the glass at the bottom of the tank carefully. Place the cable so that the healing element is always submerged or covered by the chosen substrate from the black reference notch to the end. Position the cable in a Zig-zag pattern or in a regular spiral pattern. The curves of the cable must nave wide angles, in case of small angles there might be a malfunctioning of the cable which can cause irreversible damages to it. Avoid overlapsing of the cable. Fix the cable with the supplied suction cups. Cover With the chosen substrate.

Attention!!!: When placing Hydrocable in a terrarium make sure it is well covered so that the animal guest of the tank is unable to unbury it causing damage to itself. Connect Hydrocables's plug to the socket of the thermostat.

To clean the cable do NOT use detergents or solvents, simply rinse thoroughly under luke warm water.

Safety Standards:

• Hydrocable is only intended for indoor use.
• To avoid electrical shock always disconnect all electrical equipments from mains before placing your hands in the tank.
• Do not use if either the cord or the plug are damaged.
• The appliance should not be opened and/or tampered with.
• The plug cannot be replaced or repaired; in case of damage the entire appliance must be replaced .
• Check voltage to verily the one reported on heater label corresponds to your electrical supply.
• To prevent any inconvenience do not touch Hydrocable when it is connected to the electrical supply.

Technical data:





For Aquariums











(40-65 gal)


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