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Hw-Wiedgant MarineMix Reefer 20 kg

Hw-Wiedgant MarineMix Reefer 20 kg
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Price: 64,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Hw-Wiedgant MarineMix Reefer 20 kg



Compared to the natural environment, aquariums contain, in fact, a great variety of marine life in a small amount of water. The creatures in our aquariums need, however, the same amount of trace elements and minerals that absorb at sea. The problem is that these naturally occurring substances are part of a cycle that will continuously reform. Our tanks have, however, a decline in essential substances and an increase of those unnecessary or even harmful. Through the use of sea salt Preis can prevent this phenomenon, making greater amounts of trace elements, minerals and vitamins Sea salt professional, is the logical evolution of sea salt hw already known for decades. The sea salt hw professional match, in their composition, to the most up-to-date knowledge and analysis in the field of international marine biology.
Salt Preis, contains, in addition, 70 trace minerals and vitamins essential. The water in your bathtub, prepared with salt Preis, will be distinguishable from the sea only because it was designed specifically for the aquarium environment.
The professional hw sea salt is produced and controlled according to the criteria of quality management required by ISO 9000 et seq. It contains trace elements bio-elements in the same quantities present in marine natural melts quickly crystal clear and without waste if we shall follow the instructions.


Dissolve in the amount necessary so hw professional sea salt until the hydrometer does not indicate the desired density, shaking the same water with vigorous movement. Ventilate the water vigorously for 6-8 hours at the end which will be fully usable for all marine organisms.


For best results, use desalinated water completely or treated with reverse osmosis. The water can be hard murky as carbonate precipitate as a result of above saturation, a phenomenon that occurs in nature.

10kg = 300 litres of water with a density of 1020 to 20 ° C

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