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Hobby Elstein Infrared Thermal Radiator 150 watts

Hobby Elstein Infrared Thermal Radiator 150 watts
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Price: 26,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Hobby Elstein Infrared Thermal Radiator 150 watts

General technical information:

Radiators Elstein infrared heat radiators are ceramic that transmit energy through electromagnetic waves. The range of waves of this radiation lies outside the visible light the human eye. For this reason Elstein infrared radiant heaters are also called "radiators blacks."

The typical temperature of the surface of the radiator and heated IOT/75 Elstein IOT/90 is between 290 ° C and 490 ° C.
In terrariums Elstein infrared radiators for insects and reptiles are used as pure thermal radiators. The placement at a suitable distance from the animal and use (depending on the power of the radiator, the location of the terrarium and heat requirements of the animal) of the temperature controller Biotherm 2000 (with lower night temperature program of 5 °, 8 ° or 10 ° C depending on model) avoid burns and the achievement of excessive temperatures.


The original Elstein infrared radiators are distinguished by the high power radiated and reflected due to the conical shape adapted to that of the reflector. The special glaze guarantees a high and constant emission capacity and a high radiative effect of long duration, which may even be enhanced with the use of a reflector.

With its low weight (up to 30% less than conventional radiator) heating and cooling times are dramatically shortened. The heating time, for example, is only 8 - 10 minutes. Elstein infrared radiators are insensitive to water spray. In normal operation, moreover, does not occur any internal corrosion. The radiators can not explode due to a ventilation opening on the base screw that allows the replacement of air and moisture.
With experience of over 50 years, the duration of infrared radiant heaters Elstein is extraordinarily long. The most advanced production techniques combined with computerized tests provide high and consistent levels of quality. The warranty is 24 months (for proper installation).

Safety Standards:

Given the high operating temperatures Elstein infrared radiators can only be used in devices equipped with heat-resistant porcelain or metal support E27 and protection anticontatto (eg grating or wire cage).

During operation it is necessary to ensure good air circulation. In cold conditions the radiator must not come into contact with moisture, as by heating the pressure of the steam that is produced in ceramics can damage the surface of the radiator. The electrical connection must be made by qualified personnel. Radiators damaged must be replaced immediately. Proceed with the replacement only after removing the plug socket. Protect the radiators from bumps, shock and humidity. The manufacturer and the retailer are not liable for damage to objects and animals.

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