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Hobby 30400 Mikrozell 240ml

Hobby 30400 Mikrozell 240ml
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Price: 21,51Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Not Available

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Product: Hobby 30400 Mikrozell 240ml

Instructions for use:

Conditions for rearing fry:

Containers with a water depth of 30-40 cm are most suitable. The purpose of circulating the water by occasionally stirring, or by getting some air into the water, is to keep the fine feeding algae in motion, as even the smallest particles can sink to the bottom under their own weight over a period of time, and thus, can no longer be filtered out as feed.
The ARTEMIEN thrive well at room temperature. Growth slows down at lower temperatures of below 15-20º C. ARTEMIA develop well in natural daylight as well as in artificial light.


 It is sufficient to start feeding the NAUPLIEN with HOBBY LIQUIZELL 1-2 days after hatching.
This feed contains such fine phyto-plankton that it is possible for the NAUPLIEN to ingest them in spite of their tiny mouths. After 8-10 days the ARTEMIA will have grown so much that they can now be fed with HOBBY MIKROZELL.
In doing so, as long as green feed particles are still visible in the water no further feeding is required. Hint: For the most important element of breeding, namely the eggs, HOBBY guarantees the best hatchings.

Especially recommended:

For the incubation period are the HOBBY CULTURE EQUIPMENT or the HOBBY INCUBATOR, which is particularly well-suited to separating NAUPLIEN and husks by virtue of its special shape. A little patience is required even when using the best breeding methods, for in the first two weeks growth proceeds at a relatively slow rate.
In their initial stages of growth NAUPLIEN are susceptible to bacteria, which can form on a large scale through over-feeding (the most common rearing error), or on account of the temperature being too high. HOBBY MIKROZELL is not only best suited for ARTEMIA, but also for the nourishment of other small species.
For those of you who would like to delve deeper into the world of ARTEMIA, we can recommend the book, "ARTEMIA - the shrimp from a prehistoric age“, by Gerhard Schwarz, also available from HOBBY.

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