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Hobby Kit 21900 incubator for Artemie

Hobby Kit 21900 incubator for Artemie
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Price: 35,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Hobby Kit 21900 incubator for Artemie



Kit husbandry for the birth and growth of these useful crustaceans, important source for rearing fish fry and nutrition of invertebrates.

The kit consists of a plastic tray for rearing nauplii, a special bottle with a tube graft for aerator for the emergence of nauplii, nauplii permettedi divide the eggs from a glass to hold the plastic bottle, salt with iodine Artemia, Artemia eggs mixed with salt ready for reproduction, to feed the liquid plankton Artemia, Artemia strained.
Instructions for use

The Hobby Incubator Incubator el'HOBBY Set are designed to operate with an air space, not contained in the supply.
Lncubator with the hobby you will slip easily egg of Artemia.
First hatchery put the bottle on the bottom of the bottle and be careful that the cap is set at discharge.
Now fill two teaspoons of previously prepared mixture of salt and eggs, hobby Artemix.

Then add tap water until the red line.
Close the bottle with screw cap and insert the tube from the opening of the glass attached to the supply.
Put the glass on the neck of the bottle.
Then turn the bottle and put it on the bottom of the glass while raising the inner tube so that water does not spill.
Now open the cap from the exhaust, so that later the air can go out again and connect the hose to a pneumatic pump.

You should hang the same according to opportunity or ranked higher Hobby lncubator, so that the disengagement does not go acqunella pump.
At 24 ° C shift the nauplii - those young Artemia - after about 24-36 hours at 20 ° C after 30-40 hours.
After the shifting of the nauplii of Artemia disconnect the pump discharge and close again with the cap.
Then turn the bottle and unscrew the closure.
Put the bottle hatchery as in Figure 6 obliquely in tanque de creciendo the shells and let it lay in the bottom of the bottle.

After 5 minutes open the cap at the bottom of the bottle and let go of nauplii in the basin.
The separation of the nauplii slipped occurs automatically, while the egg shells are hung on the walls of the bottle-shaped cone.
You can then take the bottle with the deposit remaining.
Put now the feed pump on the link provided in the bottom and connect the end of the air with his air pump, not yet connected to the mains.
Melt 4 / 5 of the box HOBBY Artemia Salt (ca. 130 g) in 4 liters of tap water and thus filled the basin of cultivation.

Then connect your air pump.
That way you keep the balance of your order from algal food, because otherwise the same very small particles with their own weight over time is lowered to the bottom and would no longer be so readily accepted as food by the nauplii of Artemia.
With the Hobby Incubator Set, the Artemia can be easily grown at room temperature.
With lower values under 15-20 ° C but growth is slower.
The Artemia are developed with both daylight and with artificial
Use only 3 days after the initial nourishment HOBBY Liquizell and actually only drop by drop (see instructions HOBBY Liquizell) because otherwise the water spills easily.
After the nauplii were grown for five days, you can change the fed HOBBY Mikrozell, because the tools are now trained to chew better.

The set includes:

  •  1 HOBBY Incubator
  •  1 box HOBBY Artemix
  •  1 box HOBBY Artemia Sale
  •  1 tank for the growth
  •  1 first feeding of Artemia HOBBY Liquizell
  •  1 HOBBY Artemia sieve.

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